Synopsis Text-Index Cards Suggestion

I just imported 69 docs to one folder in Research, and discovered that I can’t select all 69 index cards, which that action generated, and clear out the useless synopsis text in one fell swoop. The majority of these 69 docs are PDFs of webpages; therefore, I got meaningless text first.

I am doing the cleanup on the index cards one by one. Kinda painful. [I’m using Scrivener to write a non-fiction book: research is voluminous.]

So I have three suggestions, Keith, if it’s not akin to asking you to lift Mount Everest onto kid’s red wagon with one hand:

(1) under the three dots at the upper right of the Synopsis pane, could you add a choice to remove all synopsis text for a selected group of index cards?

(2) If someone clicks a right-arrow (or left-arrow) in the synopsis pane, could you have it advance to the next index card without having to pick up the mouse?

(3) Ability to assign labels to a folder of files, or a selection of files, in Research en masse. Doing them one at a time is tedious as well.

This damn program is actually getting me organized. I l.o.v.e the index cards. I AM ONE HAPPY CAMPER.

Thanks, Keith.

There is a way to accomplish this currently. There is not even a need to select anything. Just choose Project Replace from the Find menu, enter “- No Synopsis -” in the Replace field; leave With blank; and click the Replace button. You could de-select everything except for Synopses, but since that phrase should not appear anywhere else, it is probably safe to leave everything the way it is.

Does that remove synopses from ALL the index cards within the entire project? Guess so, hunh.

Indeed it does, so use with care.

As for moving between index cards without having to use the mouse - the Tab key does that, as with most Apple controls. And you can select multiple items in the corkboard or outliner and use the ctrl-click menu to assign a label or status to multiple items in one fell swoop, too (note that the status and label must be visible in the view for this to work).

Thanks, Keith.

I SWEAR I did the tutorial. Also printed it out and saved a rtf draft of it on the desktop which I search. Since I am only at the end of the first week of ownership of this program, still wet about the gills.

All I get is tabbing within the Synopsis test window. Even when I click on the corkboard. Will try when my regular laptop comes back from AppleCare. Maybe this 800Mhz machine using now is the culprit. Noticing a lot of things my regular laptop can do that this can’t/

Likewise. When I select a card and press the focus goes off to other widgets. Which widgets depends upon what granularity you have tab set to in the system Keyboard & Mouse Settings.

I’m talking about when you are editing a card. Double-click on the card (or hit Esc while it is selected) to start editing, then hitting Tab will move between the title field and the synopsis, and then move to the next card and so on…

Ah yes, I see what you mean now. And of course, arrows work just fine for navigation between cards.