Synopsis text

I wish that in the synopsis text I could force a new line.

  1. Like this
  2. And this
    Etc. I would like to be able to outline in the synopsis box, not just run everything together.


To clarify, yes it does work in the synopsis box, but not on the cards on the corkboard. That is where things now run on and on…


Okay. I’ll admit it. I’m stupid. It does work in the corkboard. I just have to click on the card in the corkbord so that the changes will appear. Sorry.

Make sure that in Tools>Options you have “Return ends editing synopsis” deselected in the Navigation tab; that way you can use the Return key when typing directly on the cards in the corkboard and in the synopsis box in the outliner. (The Esc key will save changes and end editing.) Return should always be working now in the inspector synopsis whether or not this option is set.

This drove me nuts until I found out how to turn it off.