Synopsis Title Changes & Document Notes Disappear

As the title suggest, the title in the synopsis section changes to a previous scene, chapter title. I’m also experiencing the loss and – then at some point – the reappearance of notes in the document note section. Don’t know if this problem has been addressed elsewhere. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the program with no change. Thanks for any help.

Could you describe what you’re doing and where exactly you’re seeing this? Is this all in the inspector? in the editor header? on index cards on the corkboard? If it’s the that the inspector is showing the wrong information for the document in the focused editor, it may be an issue with the inspector being associated with the wrong editor or suchlike, so as much detail as you can offer here for what you’re seeing would help a lot to track this down!

Thanks for responding. I wanted to check on what I had written in a previous section (scene, chapter) in the Binder section. When I came back to the scene I was originally working on, the title in the synopsis (the inspector) didn’t change. Same with the information in the document area. (Forgive me, but I don’t know enough about Scrivener to know about “the inspector being associated with the wrong editor.” The only “editor” I know is what Scrivener offers.) I’ve noticed no changed in the corkboard area, etc.
After I posted the original topic in the forum, however, I went back and did a “Project Statistics” check. After the results were shown and I clicked “OK” the title reverted back to the what it’s supposed to be. However, upon saving file and exiting the program and re-opening Scrivener, it had reverted back to the wrong title once more.

The part between the binder and the inspector is your editor. If you use the split editor view you’ll have two editors (either top & bottom, or left & right, depending on if you split vertically or horizontally).

Go to your menu and select View->Binder Affects, and check what is selected there. It should be “Current Editor” by default.

Thanks. That seemed to solved the issue.