Synopsis vanishing and then reappearing from index cards


On one project, I’ve got a strange thing happening where the synopses I’ve entered on some index cards aren’t there when I open the project after closing it. The icons on the cards and in the binder are the empty card ones. However, when I select and deselect an affected card in the binder or the corkboard, the synopsis text reappears and the icon in the card changes to the one indicating that it’s got a synopsis (but it doesn’t change in the binder until I click there).

Again, it only seems to affect a few of the cards.

I’m using Yosemite 10.10 and Scrivener 2.6.

I did start the project on Windows and then opened it on the Mac using a backup file.

Any ideas? And more info needed?

So just to clarify, this purely impacts the icons? If so it’s probably just a benign problem of the search index file being jammed up. Use the File menu with the Option key held down, to activate the “Save and Rebuild Search Indexes” menu command. That should clear up any oddities immediately, but if not try reloading the project.

Hi Amber,

No, it’s not just the icons. The synopsis text itself isn’t there on some of the cards when I open the project, but it reappears when I select the card.

Should I still try the solution you suggested?

It won’t hurt anything to rebuild your search index, so you might as well try.

Seems to have worked. I’ve closed and opened it a few times, and the synopses aren’t vanishing now.

Thanks for the pointer.