synopsis window in inspector

Would like to see more of my synopsis in the inspector but only see first 9 lines and there doesn’t appear to be a way to resize/make that window bigger. Suggestions?

You can drag the left edge of the inspector to widen the inspector, and thus expand the synopsis. In the current Mac beta, Keith has made the synopsis expand vertically when you collapse the metadata section below it.

Thanks – is there a way to get the current mac beta? Expanding downward would be incredibly helpful.

The Beta section of the Mac Scrivener forum is here: viewforum.php?f=17

The Announcement thread is where you download (and read the cautions regarding public betas of Scrivener), and the topmost topic below it is where you lodge any bug reports.

Note that this will be optional in the next beta, and it will be off by default, so this new behaviour will be something you have to choose explicitly.

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I find the need to see more of my synopsis too.

These workarounds certainly help, but what would be really helpful is the ability to re-size the inspector panes vertically.

If I remember correctly, Keith explained a while ago in these forums why programming what you want is pretty difficult. If you do a search, you’ll probably find the post.

Is this the one?

I guess after reading Keith’s comments above, the synopsis area is not meant to be large.

I noticed the sections in the snapshots pane can be re-sized vertically; I know, the layout is not the same as the notes pane.

And the latest beta does address the synopsis, if you’re willing to minimize the creation/modification and other metadata block below it. Note that there are some bugs in the beta; look in that forum for the ones being reported there and see if you can live with them, or just wait a few weeks/months for this to become part of the official release.