This question may have been asked, but I’m new to the program and I have a problem with trying to create a synopsis under the program. I did use the inspector, but when I type a short synopsis, it does not does not list the synopsis as a separate heading. That is, I noticed (somehow I created a synopsis by accident) that it has a rectangular shape under “type.” If I insert a new folder and call it synopsis it doesn’t list it as a synopsis but merely a folder. As you can see, I’m confused. I read the instructions, but for whatever reason it does not address this issue. Nor does the movie on the website.

I am using a template that I downloaded from Scrivener called Manuscript Novel. Is there someone or where can I simply create a synopsis.

Thank you.


Each document has a synopsis associated with it that you type into the index card in the inspector. You see this synopsis on the corkboard or outliner when viewing the parent document in these modes.

So, say you have the following items in the binder:

– Document 1
– Document 2

(Where Document 1 and Document 2 are contained inside Folder.) If you select Document 1 and enter a synopsis for it in the inspector, you can see that synopsis with others on the same level by clicking on “Folder” and selecting corkboard or outliner mode. I did cover this in the tutorial and video, though, as it is one of the fundamentals of Scrivener. Hope this helps!

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