Synposis text larger?

Hi all,
It seems fate is having its cruel way with me and I’m getting older. How do I make the Synopsis font larger? It’s the eyes you see. :open_mouth:

Also, I accidentally clicked the auto-generate Synopsis from text button, and lost some plot detail. Am I meant to write plot summaries / chapter goals in there, or in notes?

Go to Scrivener->Preferences->Appearance. In the Fonts section, there’s a Synopsis font setting.

For the corkboard view, there are separate index card fonts for regular and small font settings, as well as various title font settings. Look for those in the Corkboard section of the Preferences.

Thanks for that, much better! But can I just ask what people use notes for? If I do a quick plot summery on my cards (synopsis), is it worth including more detailed unpacking in rough point form in Document Notes? Is that what Notes are for?

They’re useful for that yes. Also, they’re a good place to add notes as you’re writing, or keeping inspirational notes, links to other documents or websites. Really they’re for whatever you want. The trick is they’re only really visible when you are editing that particular document.

I use synopses for the bare-bones plot information. If I feel I need to expand the idea, or to remind myself of the character’s mood, my idea for the opening or the ending of the scene, notes on the important setting details, or anything like that which will impact only that scene, then Document Notes is where I put those ideas, either before or during the writing of that document.

I would like to be able to expand the Synopsis window in the expander ie. drag the bottom down a little, shrinking Document notes window.