Syntactic Formatting inside scrivener

I’m testing out Scrivener for the first time after many years of only Notepad ++. While I appreciate a lot of the tools, it doesn’t appear to be capable of syntactic text formatting. I fully intend to read content I put on scrivener, so merely having markdown exporting functionality is going to be a waste of time for me. Not having markdown WYSIWYG capabilities make for a minor annoyance.

In addition, I would like to create my own syntax, particularly for coloring my text. I particularly enjoy using c style commenting with my work and find those operators to be excellent visual cues, such as // and /* */. In lieu of just opening Notepad ++ inside Scrivener, I would love to be able to customize formatting operators to do conventional text formatting with features such as defining the operator, having the formatting extend one line or until a closing bracket, show/hide the operator, and declaring escapes.

In addition, if this idea takes off, the most prudent solution would be to have a selector to turn syntax editing on and off, while perhaps hidden syntax can either be revealed by placing a cursor next to it, or by breaking them with backspace.

If even the most basic functionality of a one line comment operator with definable formatting is included, I would be very happy. If I have to make do with hardcoded Markdown syntax instead, I can manage with bold and italics.