System keeps crashing after upgrade to 3.1.3

Coincidence? I don’t know, but I upgraded to Scriv 3.1.3 (11945) yesterday and for the first time in my long history of using Scrivener, the system keeps crashing.

I’m running Mojave 10.14.4. Here’s what happens.

Scrivener is set to load on startup, and loads two projects. I look at an item or two in one project and then go to project two. For three consecutive times, when I highlight an item in the second project, the system crashes.

I’m at a critical junction with these two projects and don’t even know if this is the best place to contact tech support.

Any direction greatly appreciated.

First, I’d suggest shutting down and restarting your whole Mac. Quit Scrivener before you do this.

Next, I’d suggest holding down the shift key while restarting Scrivener. That will open Scrivener with your projects closed. Then try opening the second project first. That will tell you if the crash is triggered just by the second project, or whether it requires an unholy combination of the two :wink:.

If you haven’t triggered the crash, then try opening the first project and see if that starts the crash going. Play with it a bit to see if you can isolate the conditions that result in a boom. (Restarting Scrivener with just one open, restarting Scrivener with both open, etc.)

If the crash still happens after restarting your machine and restarting Scrivener with no projects open, that’s when to email tech support at

mac dot support at literatureandlatte dot com

if they haven’t already responded to this thread.

Hope this helps! Crashes are a b***h.