System Requirements for Scrivener

I’m a sad Windows user but would like to buy a cheap(!) second-hand Mac, probably Mac Mini, so I can use Scrivener and my budget is tight … well none existent really!! Can people tell me what minimum RAM and processor they’ve used with Scrivener satisfactorily, I mean with it working at proper speed. A couple of Mac Mini’s are for sale right now with 512MB RAM and a 1.25Ghz processor.

That Mac Mini should be more than adequate, unless you need to stuff lots of movie, audio, or graphic files in the Research folder. You might also check out Apple’s Special Deals page, which features refurbished models of laptops and iMacs at low prices. In my experience, refurbished has been nearly as good as new. See … co=MTM3MzI

I used Scrivener on that exact Mac Mini and on a 12" iBook with very similar specs, and it was just fine. It’s not a resource hog.

Thanks. That’s very helpful!

Mike, the BEST of luck to you in finding a nice inexpensive Apple computer to work with. Scrivener is without a doubt a hundred times better than you think, just wait til you start using it. You’ll find out so much that it can do for you, and all in one little application. I understand exactly why so many people on this forum say they got Mac computers…just so they could use Scrivener! So don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. Good luck again and let us know what you find!