System Requirements?

I’m very excited to see that Scriviner is coming to Windows, but I use an ancient IBM T41 laptop as my primary writing computer. Will Scriviner run well enough on my relic, or have I fallen off the bottom end of the system requirements page?

The main consideration will be operating system at this point. It hasn’t been tested on anything prior to Windows XP. I was able to run XP on an even more ancient Micron Pentium II 400mhz tower with who knows how little RAM, up until the mid-2000’s, so you ought to be okay with a T41! That said, it wouldn’t shock me if Windows 2k works with it (XP’s core is very similar to w2k), but that is a complete unknown at the moment.

The ol’ T41 manages Windows XP without being unreasonable about it.

I’ve been using Celtx for my project work, and that runs well enough, though it does take forever to load. Hopefully Scrivener won’t be much of a problem. Thanks for the reply!

Not really a system requirement, I suppose but…

Will the beta / main version be avaialble in a package that will not require Administrator status to install?

Again, this isn’t really something that can be answered yet at this early stage.

I’m wondering what Service Pack is required?

My XP SP3 works great, but I’m thinking maybe lack of SP3 updates could be why some of the other XP’ers were having issues…