System upgrade question

Sadly, I don’t have the cash to buy the latest version, so my question relates to system upgrades.

I have version 1.5.1 of Scrivener. Not sure if there is a free upgrade to this or not.

However, I may be forced, for system problem reasons, to upgrade to Mac 10.5 or 10.7. My question is: will 1.5.1 run on system 10.5 or 10.7?

Anything else I need to know, or might be useful if I really must upgrade? I am sure I will need to download the installer again. Which version that I already paid for is the one to go for?


Hi John,

1.54 is the latest version of Scrivener 1.x for Mac. It will run fine on 10.5. It should work mostly fine on Lion 10.7, but it hasn’t been extensively tested, and the one known issue is that full screen mode will not work on Lion.

Scrivener 2.1 and above works perfectly on Lion, however, and as a user of 1.x, the upgrade is only $25, not the full $45.

All the best,