Systematic crash

Good morning,

I am a huge fan of Scrivener. Over the past few days, I encountered a crash following near identical actions. By no means is this a complaint!!! I just want to describe want occurs to help development of this great application.

I sent crash reports through the Apple system.

I am having some difficulty adjusting a custom format that I created. Formatting of the book I am editing is relatively complicated, and I defined more styles than may be typical. I am overlooking something minor and have been iterating between the editor and Format Editor quite a lot.

The crash occurs after the following sequence of actions:

  • In the main eidtor, I modify a margin setting.
  • In the Format Editor, I make the same change in a style for compile to PDF.
    *I save the format and exit compile without actually doing a compile.
    *Back at the same location in the main editor, I impose the revised style on all instances of text in that style using the Styles pop-up window.

At this point, Scrivener crashes.

The above is only my best recollection. I am by no means sure that the exact sequence above is the only list of actions that causes crash, but the actions involved have been quite similar.

Hope this is helpful. No need to contact me.

Bill Emanuel
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

I’m not getting that problem following that checklist with a test project.

  1. I set things up so that I had at least two paragraphs marked with a style (in two different documents).
  2. I then modifed the formatting of one paragraph via Format ▸ Paragraph ▸ Tabs and Indents… to 82pt for First Line and Left, confirmed the changes.
  3. Went into Compile settings, and created a new format from scratch.
  4. In the Styles panel I added a corresponding style from the dropdown menu.
  5. At this point it was using the old settings since I hadn’t yet updated the style itself in step 2. So I changed the compile style to 82pt as well.
  6. Saved the Format and saved compile settings.
  7. Right-clicked on the style in the Styles panel and updated the settings in the project.

At this point I repeated the test, since the first run included conditions you would not have had to have done such as creating and setting up a new style. In both cases the everything worked as expected.

If you follow a similar procedure using a test project does it work as expected? If so it might be an issue with the style itself. If it’s something you can send in a sample of, we could take a look at hopefully get the same crash.