systemwide services shortcuts not available


I’m having some trouble getting certain keyboard shortcuts to work in Scrivener. I’ve defined some OS X services that take some selected text and do various things with it. I have three in particular that I use regularly from a variety of text-editing applications. All of these services are available in Scrivener both in the main “Scrivener > Services…” menu and in the right-click services menu for any selected block of text. The services work perfectly in Scrivener when used from these menu options, but my problem is invoking the services through keyboard shortcuts.

I have three services that I need (ok, want) to use with the same shortcuts that work in all of the other text-selectable situations on my Mac, without a hitch. One of the three (F4) works as expected from within Scrivener, but two others don’t: ctl-alt-cmd-0 and ctl-alt-cmd-9. These last two shortcuts show up in the “Scrivener > Services…” menu as being assigned to the correct functions, but the shortcuts don’t actually work.

I’ve tried to look for shortcut conflicts several times, but haven’t found any thus far (though I must admit that there are so many I could easily be missing the pertinent ones). I have also tried to set those same key combinations as Application shortcuts for Scrivener from the System Preferences keyboard pane.

I could fiddle about with other shortcuts, but I’ve got other apps already set up and have my fingers trained that way.

Given past experience, I’m assuming that I’m missing something simple, but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for a very useful product,