[T] on text - child

Another niggle, I can’t sort out.

See the attached.

I have a [T] as the icon, as a TXT leaf, from a folder.
It somehow has been made into a (closed Topic) I think?
Its ticked, to be added in the final compile, so I shouldn’t lose it.


The question, how do I convert it back to (I suppose a normal leaf) - Can’t seem to find the options.

I can always copy the contents to another new TXT - Leaf.
But I am really curious, how to re-convert it.


BTW spent over an Hour to get that screen dump, download GIMP, then discovered that I couldn’t save it in a ‘JPG’ format. The rest of the complicated operation, was done in and on windows. :blush:
VIA : Dropbox.

There must be an easier way? …

I can offer a tip on creating screen shots: use Preview (File - Take Screen Shot).

  • asotir

You’ve set that item to the templates folder. The only way you could have done that is if you specifically selected “Set Selection as Templates Folder” from the Project menu. To revert it so that it is no longer set as the templates folder, selected the item and then select “Clear Templates Folder” from the Project menu.

Hope that helps.

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Brilliant, finally lost that strange icon. No idea how I did it, nor what that options all about.
But clearing it - also seemed to sort out my other issue.
The editor width is finally working.

One happy Bunny.

Thank-you asotir.

Didn’t need to use GIMP. That programe sees to do it all, cheers.

Please see “Step 21: Document Templates” in the tutorial project to find out what it does and how to use it (essentially it allows you to set up document templates such as character sheets, location sheets or any other sort of pre-formatted document you might need to create lots of).

CMD+SHIFT+4 then drag the crosshairs over the portion of the screen you want to capture.

[attachment=0]screenshots mac.png[/attachment]

You can open any image in Preview and then choose EXPORT… and save in another format.

You can also use Preview to crop, resize, annotate, etc.
…see section on viewing and working with images.