Tab a whole selection or paragraph? It just deletes!

Hi there. In all other word processing, I can just select several lines or a whole paragraph to indent the whole thing. Why can’t I do this in Scrivener?

Is there a different keystroke?

Please fix this! I use it all the time.

In what software does it work like that? In all I use, selecting text and then hitting any key replaces the text

Relevant keyboard shortcuts can be found in the Format -> Paragraph -> Increase/Decrease Indents menu.


Coding software sometimes works like this (e.g Dreamweaver), but I don’t think I know of any word processing or writing or page layout software that works like that. It is admittedly (for specialized purposes at least) handy to get paragraph indention when there is a selection, but a tab character when there is no selection.

In accord with kewms note, I have a common pair of shortcuts set across my word wrangling softwares for increase/decrease indent. This does the trick for me.

Microsoft Word. :smiley:

Not in either of my versions, unless I untick the Preferences->Edit tick box “typing replaces selection” (or something like that).
It doesn’t work like the OP says in Pages, Textedit, or any of the other text manipulating apps I use.
Selecting text and then hitting any key deletes the original text.

Just to verify we’re discussing the same thing, is this the behavior:

If so,then Word has always worked that way for me throughout its many versions. Select text and tab it over. The example in the screencast is from Word 2007, and my version of Word 2016 does the same, as does, for that matter, OneNote. (ETA: And 2016 Outlook and Powerpoint. This behavior seems to be a standard for MS, as least as implemented on Windows.) I was surprised myself to learn that Scrivener doesn’t work similarly, because I’m so accustomed to being able to select text and tab.

I haven’t reviewed my preferences, but I don’t recall ever changing Word’s preferences, and I definitely haven’t changed OneNote’s.

Perhaps it’s a Win vs. Mac thing? Or a MS vs. everyone else thing? :mrgreen: