Tab between binder and editor

I’d really love to be able to tab between the binder and the editor. It’s a very intuitive, quick way to navigate and would substantially improve my productivity with Scrivener.

Hope you’ll consider it.


You can’t tab out of the editor to the binder because tab creates tabs in the editor. :slight_smile:

But is it possible to make a shortcut to pass from the binder to the editor and from the editor to the binder? Now I have to use the mouse, but a shortcut should be better.


There is such a set of shortcuts. Take a look at Wock’s Unofficial Scrivener Keyboard Shortcuts Guide for the Scriv-specific ones; there are mac-universal shortcut lists out on the internet as well for all the text editing shortcuts you could want.

Yes, and in 2.0 you will also be able to hit ctrl-tab to switch between the binder and the editor, which does exactly what you want - sorry, I forgot I had added that for 2.0!
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I had a slightly different feature request in mind, but it is related to this one.

I was hoping for a keyboard command to switch between editor windows (I always have 2 onscreen). For some reason it feels inelegant whenever I want to change the document in one of the windows, and I have to drag the pointer first to focus on the window, then drag back over to the binder to select a document. It’s not important at all really, but just one of those little nagging things I feel when using the app (just about the only one I might add.) I like using keyboard commands whenever possible.

Could CTRL-TAB be used to switch cycle among binder and editor(s)? If you only have 1 editor window then it will of course just switch between binder and editor. But if you have 2 editor windows it would go in order amongst the 3.

That’s exactly what ctrl-tab will do. :slight_smile:


Since we’re on the topic, I was wondering if there could be a command to swap the 2 editor windows.


View/Layout/Swap Documents.