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I’m recently getting used to all of the tools of Scrivener and only issue I’m having trouble resolving is the tab button.

I like to create a plan draft and use the tab button to break down the plan into sections, sub-sections and sometimes further still. However, the tab button moves the cursor over by around an inch. It’s far too much.

I’ve played with the settings but I’ve not had much luck in reducing the size the cursor moves over by.

How can I reduce it to, say, a quarter of an inch? I know about the ruler but I cannot get my head around making it do what I want it to.

Thank you,


You have full control over tab stops. Use the Format/Show Ruler menu command (Ctrl-Shift-R) to toggle the ruler—which you should find familiar if you’ve ever adjusted tabs and indents in a program like Word or OpenOffice.

On that, have you considered using Scrivener’s outlining capability for this? That’s really, I would say, how the program is designed to be used—your outline, as you create it in the Binder or using the main Outliner view in the editor, is what you end up writing directly into—i.e. you no longer have to keep a separate outline from your working draft itself because the two are one and the same. The idea is that, with Scrivener, your document is expressed as an outline in the left sidebar that is as detailed as you need it to be. If you’ve ever messed with outlining in a word processor it’s not terribly dissimilar, but our outline is a little different in that headings need not be visible to the reader. What the reader needs to navigate a work is often going to be fundamentally different than what the author needs. Well that’s the idea any way. :slight_smile:

If you want to see a practical example of concept in practice, download our user manual project.

Hello Amber,

I think than rather change Scrivener to my way of doing things, I think it’s better for me to change to Scrivener.

I think I’ll scrap my old way of doing things and so as you suggested - make use of Scrivener when making plans.

You reply confirmed my suspicions that changing myself is the better way of doing things.

I thank you :slight_smile: