"Tab" is not working

“left Tab”, “Center Tab”, “Right Tab” and “Decimal Tab” are not working.
Those “Tab” were not saved, so when I re-open the document, all “Tab” were erased.
When I compile the documents, “Tab” were not output in “print”, “PDF format” and “Word Document format” (It worked in “preview”. I didn’t check other format.)

Tab stops on the ruler are per-paragraph and are saved as part of the paragraph formatting, so they won’t remain in a document with no text after closing and opening the project. They should certainly be sticking for paragraphs with text, so could you clarify a bit what steps you took and what you’re seeing? Are the tab stops gone from the ruler for a paragraph where you set them? Are the actual tab characters (i.e. created from pressing the Tab key in the editor) missing from the text?

When compiling, make sure that “Override text and notes formatting” is not selected in the Formatting section if you want to use the editor formatting (including tabs, alignment, etc).

Thank you very much for quick response.
To reply this post, I tried several conditions, then I found that the problem was happened when I mix list and “tab” in a single sentence.

To reproduce the problem, you can try as follows.
(1) Type following sentences. ( indicate “tab” character created after hit Tab key)
150mM NaCl5M 30ml
1% TritonX10ml
(2) Then, add “Left tab” mark on ruler.
(3) Change the sentences as “List”

Now “Left tab” on ruler is not working except “preview” mode.
When I compile the document to “PDF”, “print” or “Word Document”, “Left tab” will be ignore although I can see “Left tab” on a display.
Also, “Left tab” will be erase after re-open the project.

Ah, okay. It’s being part of the list formatting that’s affecting this. I’ll make sure it’s on our bug list.

To work around it, you could either do without it being a list and format it as such post-compile if necessary–if you’re arranging it with tabs like this anyway, maybe there’s not much advantage to it being formatted as a list? Or, flip side, make it a list here and then set the tab for the list style in Word after compile and save to PDF from there.