Tab on text + super/sub scrpit

currently, to indent text, one has to press
control option command + arrow right.

It seems more intuitive to select a block of text and press tab, the way it’s done in most programming IDE’s…
Currently if you press tab while selecting a block of text, it will just erase everything…



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When using superscript or subscript, Scrivener writes the text higher or lower, but it doesn’t make text smaller like one would think it would.
It would be great if the superscript and subscript could half the font size or something like that each time used.

Would be particularly useful for students like myself. I.e sometimes I only need a little maths, not quiet fully fledged math type. Thus I tend to use superscript and subscript quite a bit.

Thank you


Have a look at the end of the following thread – there are a couple of possible workarounds for you to try.





Regarding tab, Scrivener isn’t a programming IDE, so it rightly behaves like a text editor or word processor. Tab is just another character, so it should overwrite any selected text.

As for subscript and superscript, this is unfortunately just the way it works in the OS X text system - you have to shrink the font manually. David’s solution is the best one here, though - you can just create a preset for “Superscript” which will raise the characters and shrink the font.

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Neither Pages nor Office use the OSX text subsystem. So yeah, he’s sure.

Do a search for pages and you will see where KB has addressed this before.


Hi Leo,

As pointed out, Pages doesn’t use the OS X text system - instead, see TextEdit and other programs that use this system. So yes, being the programmer, I am sure. :smiley:

Also, I did point you to a solution: using presets will do exactly what you want.

The whole line will only shrink if you set up the preset as a paragraph formatting preset (or “Save all formatting”, which includes paragraph formatting) - instead, choose only to save it as a character preset.

I just tried it in Pages and it works the same as in Scrivener. It has a separate shortcut for indenting paragraphs. Word is different, true, but the current behaviour makes equal sense and there is already a shortcut for indenting paragraphs.

Incidentally, I’m not just a support bod, but also the developer of the software and CEO of the company, so anything you write to the press@, contact@ and other addresses to complain about my customer-communication interactions just gets forwarded back to me. :slight_smile: I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t like my answer and think I’m lacking in customer communications, but at the same time I think it’s a little unreasonable for you to expect the developer of a $45 app to jump and implement your every suggestion, when there are tens of thousands of other users with different requests that I also need to listen to. I do appreciate and listen to all feedback, and evaluate everything that is said here; I also take the time to give answers, but I cannot promise always to say “Yes” - I’m sorry that this fact has disgruntled you. :smiley:

I didn’t tell you it was “impossible”, but gave you a polite answer explaining why things are as they are. I’m afraid I’m unable to code Scrivener to each user’s individual needs - please do check out the About page, in which we are very upfront about how users should buy Scrivener for what it is rather than what they want it to be.

I don’t rule out improved superscript and subscript for the future, but you can already get it working as you wish using presets, as described.


That worked :smiley:!

I highly appreciate that you took the time and explained everything to me. .

Thank you


I’m glad it worked - let me know if you have more problems or questions. I should add that, while Ioa and Jennifer are the main support bods on these forums and write longer mails, if I come across as short sometimes it’s not intended and is usually just because I’m posting a quick answer while rushing to do something else, so apologies if my initial answer came across as terse when it was intended only to be brief. :slight_smile:
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All good, I appreciate the effort and attention.