Tab/shift tab problem in bullets


When I hit tab while entering items in a bullet list, the bullet moves to the right one level, as it should. But when I press shift-tab to return it to the previous level, it does not align with the previous level (see image).

When I do the tab/shift-tab thing after the “Item 2” in the image, the new bullets align with Item 2 (but not Item 1).

Do you have exact steps you could provide to reproduce this? I think I’ve seen it, but when trying to test now I’m not able to get it to come out uneven; both backspace and Shift+Tab correctly align the bullets. If you turn on the ruler (Format > Show Ruler) that will help show where the indents are when you start the list and how they go off; this may be to do with the initial settings in the paragraph when you toggle into list mode.

To fix the bullets that are out of alignment, you can either position the insertion point in those lines (or select them) and drag the indent markers in the editor ruler or click into the row with correct alignment and choose Format > Text > Copy Ruler (Ctrl+G, Ctrl+C) and then apply Format > Text > Paste Ruler (Ctrl+G, Ctrl+P) to all the lines that need to be adjusted.