Tab to switch to editor mode?

In 1.03 when I created new document i Binder I would enter the title, hit enter key and Tab key and I was immediately transferred to editor where I could start to write. But this doesn’t happen in the 1.055. Any suggestions?

Works fine for me. Is there a new preference that controls this behaviour, perhaps?

The main culprit that I can think of is that you’ve changed your system tab settings in the Keyboard & Mouse preference pane. In the Keyboard Shortcuts section of that, at the bottom there is a toggle that makes tab cycle through all controls, or just text and list controls. If you have it set to all, then when you press tab, it actually selects the ‘+’ button below the Binder. If that is what you see, then you likely have that option set.

Also, remember you can always use the navigation shortcuts to get nearly anywhere in the Scrivener interface. If you don’t have any splits open, Control-Option-Command-E will take you to the main editor no matter where you currently are. These are all located in the View menu, under Navigate To.

Thanks AV, you’re a genius :slight_smile:. How you could guess from my erroneous description is impressive! Thanks again.