Tabbed Browsing....!

I was using Journler and they have tabbed browsing, about the only thing they have that Scrivener does not, very handy for keeping several documents open at one time.

Oh yeah and an mp3 player, graphic editor, video editor…joking…wonder is thet the future of the ultimate desktop app - that does everything within the one interface? more and more apps seem to be building in what were separate apps.

Actually, Scrivener has tabbed browsing; only that tabs are on the side, insead of top of the document window. Having several documents open, however, seems to me an odd concept in Scrivener, where documents are all always “open”.


Agreed, there is no technical concept of “open” or “closed”, in which Paolo is absolutely right. However there is a subjective concept of “open”, where the user has a palette of documents rapidly available.

For that, I recommend experimenting with the history feature. Cmd-[ and ] will scroll through the list of documents you have recently clicked on. So to “set up” an edit session, click on the four files or whatever that you wish, in succession, and then use the history keys to jump between them. Each split can have its own history, reducing the number to two for each, and with the Cmd-Opt-[ and ] combination, you can flip between the other split’s documents without removing typing focus from your current split.

In other words, you get all of the benefits of tabs without the busy interface and all of the mousing about.

Yum! This makes me think to a HUD for each split pane, containing the history of that pane.