Tabbed Notebook for Project Notes

I love using Project Notes. But as I gather a lot of notes, I find myself having to wade through a sea of text to find the info I need. I’d rather be able to separate out the project notes into custom tabbed pages. When I’m working on a script, I might have a tabbed page of notes for each character. When I’m working on a frelance project, I might have a tabbed page of notes for client feedback and a separate tabbed page for my own thoughts.

Menu command: Project/Project Notes... :slight_smile:

Tabs you add here will be accessible from the Inspector in the drop-down menu that switches from Document to Project Notes.

Ooooooooh. So happy. OK, here’s a suggestion: maybe figure out a way to add a project notes tab when viewing project notes in the inspector panel? I didn’t realize the menu option was even there. I access project notes from the inspector (I keep it open as I write), so I was looking for a way to change it there.

That might not be a bad idea; in the same way that you can get to Project/Meta-Data Settings... from one of the Label or Status drop-downs, without realising there is a menu item for it. Keith will see it here when he gets back; he patrols these parts regularly.