Tabbed Project Windows

For those working on more than one writing project at a time, t’d be great to have a tab view, with one project visible at a time, but giving quick access to all other projects without the need to manage lots of separate Scrivener project windows.

At the risk of incurring your wrath for not implementing your suggestion, I’m afraid I don’t see this really fitting with Scrivener. It is the convention for most programs to have separate windows for separate files. For tabbed projects to work, every time you clicked on a tab everything in the window would change - the binder, the contents of the text views, the set up of the split views and so on. It would involve the program having to do a lot more juggling. Having separate windows means that everything is set up in a modular way - each window manages its own content, rather than having to swap everything in and out. A single window with tabbed projects would also make it impossible to drag documents between projects.

There has been the occasional suggestion for tabbed documents (not projects), and I played with this idea when putting Scrivener together, but ultimately I decided against the tabbed approach for Scrivener as I felt things can get too cluttered with tabs. I may re-evaluate this in the future, but not for project tabs, sorry.

Incurring my wrath for not implementing my suggestion? Wow, is that really what you’ve taken away from what I’ve patiently taken time to explain to you? Guess I’ve been wasting my time. I won’t waste further time clarifying. Bye, now.

You came across as rather hot under the collar the other day regarding line breaks. I think that is what he was referring to. I responded to your message as if you were in a state of wrath as well, so if you were actually meaning to calmly and patiently reason things out, perhaps you should inspect your writings for tone.

Patient? Sorry, exactly where were you patient? I must have missed it. Was it when you declared that I wasn’t accommodative, or when you insulted other users of the forum by saying they are part of a “groupthink”? Or when you called me “derisive”? Sorry, my dictionary must have a different definition of patient. And even despite your rather aggressive and unprovoked responses toward my attempts at helping you, I actually took the time to respond in this thread and explain to you why tabbed windows were unlikely to make the cut. Clearly I shouldn’t have bothered.

If I may interpret for the technologically courtly AmberV and the mildly exasperated but still-diplomatic KB, you came across, JB, as a total dick. We see so few here that your behavior rather stands out. And not in a good way.

So Ahab, do you want to tell us what you really think?

Time to lock the thread and ban the troll.

We still love you KB! Go reread the 2.0 thread if you need to feel better!