Tabbed windows/Multi-Binder capability

Let me first say that I am absolutely obsessed with your program. It allowed me to get rid of like 5-6 programs, because I was able to consolidate my workflow from every thing that I work on.

But because I have all sorts of different projects (I’m a comedy writer, web designer, comic book writer, and student) I need to have different notebooks for different projects. I usually have about 4-5 notebooks open at any given time, so it would be super amazing if there was some feature that helped me streamline that. Like a tabbed window, so all my 4-5 notebooks were tabbed someone in one window. Or (and this is what I would prefer) if the binder pane could actually hold several binders. So instead of “Binder” written on the top, it could “Book Title” and there could be other ones above it. Pretty much just adding a top tier to the binder tree.

I’m new to the software so if there is a way to do this (short of putting all my binders in one document) please let me know. Thanks so much for making such great software! :laughing:

Keith will have to comment on the viability of the primary request; but I can say that a Binder embedded implementation wouldn’t really be possible at this point, since the Collections interface already uses the “stack of binders” metaphor. So it would have to be something more along the lines of Photoshop CS5 where you can drag loaded image file windows on top of each other to create a tabbed window—or something less complicated and dynamic than that, but you get the picture.