Tabbed windows

How about adding the ability to open several things at once and allowing the user to put them into tabs? It would be helpful for research projects when someone needs to go between research and writing often.

While Scrivener does not have a visual representation of tabs, it actually does have multiple loading mechanism built into each split. It is otherwise known as the history, and can be accessed either by pressing the arrow buttons in the header bar, or pressing Cmd-[ Cmd-] to go forward and backward.

Here are some tricks to using the history function. History is saved with your session. When you close the project and come back to it later, your history will be saved. The history of the other split can be traversed without leaving the current split by using Cmd-Opt-[ and ]. This is quite handy when writing with reference material loaded in the other split. If you wish to “close all the tabs” you can clear the history in the View menu, under Document History. Multiple documents can be loaded into a full screen session by selecting them in the Binder, and then pressing Cmd-Opt-F. The standard history keyboard shortcuts let you navigate between them.

Gosh. On my fake Italian “Pro” keyboard, Cmd-Opt is already used to choose the square brackets (they are relegated to third position, being used by odd writers and not by “pro” accountants…).

So, no nice history shortcuts for us spaghetti-eaters.


neither for Sauerkraut and Sushi…


Given that Scrivener has so many keyboard shortcuts, it is impossible to please everybody. Use System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse to assign more Italian/Japanese-friendly shortcuts.

As for tabbed windows - I’m afraid this won’t happen, as it would mean a complete redesign of the whole interface. I actually toyed with the idea some time ago (before 1.0) and prototyped a tabbed interface, but there were too many issues - it got very messy. I decided to keep things clean and simple instead.

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This is a viable alternative. Unfortunately, primary and secondary document use the same commands “Forward in History” and “Backward in History”, so it is not possible via System Preferences to assign shortcuts to the Secondary documents which would be nice as pointed out in the Scenario of AmberV. An easy solution could be to change the commands slightly, so that they are unique each.