Table and HTML colors

Am I doing something wrong?

I created a table. I go into Fomat>Table>Table

I select Border or Cell Background.
I select the color I want to change. A color option window appears.
I click on the last icon on the top that looks like a spider’s web.
I enter my HTML color and hit enter.
The color changes in the palette.
I close the option window, and then the table color reverts to what there before.
The color never changes. I can change text color with this method but not table borders or fills.

Am I doing something wrong?

25 views and no answers?

Just possibly the reason that no one has replied is also the reason that I haven’t till now - namely that if I were to create tables in Scrivener, I would in any case format them at the level of detail that you require within a traditional word processing application, such as MS Word, Nisus or Mellel.

It sounds like you are using a colour palette plug-in. There isn’t an hexadecimal input in the default set. Have you confirmed if setting the colour fails with any of the core selection options as well?


Thanks for the help. I wouldn’t have installed anything like that on my own for sure. Below is a screen shot, is this a default? Thanks!
Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.25.23 PM.png

Nope, that’s a custom colour palette plug-in. :slight_smile: Stock default ends with the “Crayon” picker. You likely have something in your ~/Library/ColorPickers folder. You may be able to find out what it is and see if there are any updates. I’ve had these break over OS upgrades, in the past.


You are both correct! I have no clue how or when that was installed. How can I use CSS colors with my tables? Suggestions are appreciated. Many thanks.

It could be custom pickers have troubles with OS X tables, in general. If you try other pickers that allow hexadecimal input and they don’t work either, then the answer is probably that there is no way to do it since Apple doesn’t provide a way.

But my bet is just that this picker hasn’t been updated or something, and you might find a newer one that works better.