Table border and background disappears during compile

I am trying the 1x1 table method to make text boxes with a border and background color. They look fine in the editor, the border and background typically disappear during compile. In one instance I made a table, then copied it below and changed the text inside. The first was there in compile and the second wasn’t (text was there, just no border or background). All are in “no style”. I’ve tried playing with Section Layouts in Compile and Section Types in Project Settings, to no avail. Any advice?

I’ve never seen anything like this. Could you possibly attach a sample project showing the issue?

In preparing an example to post I found that the problem is that the box disappears if the table fills more than one page. Is there a way around that? I can kind of fake it by adding another row. It appears that Scrivener will not split a single table row across a page break.

Ah, okay, no, I’m afraid this is a hard limitation of tables in Scrivener. We use the macOS text system, and although I’ve customised the system a lot, we still use Apple’s vanilla tables (the same as in TextEdit). I’d love to replace them with a bespoke table system one day, but it’s an enormous task, because it doesn’t only affect the UI, but also all import and export code.

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