Table breaks compile until next document with a Table

I’ve been puzzled for a while as to why I keep getting 11 missing pages in a compile. I realized eventually that one of my documents included a table, and everything in that document plus subsequent documents was being skipped, up until the next document which contains a table. After which everything resumed.

Deleting the table allowed the document to compile normally, including the 11 missing pages.

The table in question was originally created in WordPerfect for Windows 8, ca. 2002, and had been converted to rtf either using libwpd or Nisus Writer Pro (honestly I can’t remember at this point), so the underlying source of the problem may not be a Scrivener issue. But some warning would have been nice, rather than just skipping entire documents.

Is there a log somewhere of compilation actions? I looked in Console and couldn’t find one.