Table Causes Crash [BUG LOGGED]

When I create a table in the editor and shade an area then try and remove it causes the program to crash.

  1. Create a table with four columns and six rows.
  2. Shade an the left columns.
  3. Try to remove a few columns.

I couldn’t make a table as big as I needed in scrivener so I created what I needed in excel and copied and pasted it into Scriv. it works fine once in there.

Thanks, I have logged this as a bug and part of the RTF fix required.

While your looking at this creating a table with one cell (a box) will cause both versions 1.2 and 1.3 to crash


I’ve just tested this and can verify half of it for Win 7.

  1. When trying to create a table with 1 row - the table is inserted in the background, but the “insert table” dialog screen freezes and all fields and buttons become inactive (grayed out) - see first screen shot; Scrivener doesn’t crash though, you can just close the “insert table” dialog by clicking “X”.

  2. When trying to create a table with 1 column - the basic / standard table of 2 rows and 2 columns is inserted in the background, but Scrivener crashes - see second screen shot;

Hope this won’t be too much of a hassle to fix, since it’s part of the RTF reader/writer issue. :slight_smile:
Table with one row.png

Addtl note on the table issue… when deleting columns if the cursor is in column two and you begin to delete multiple columns software will crash. If you keep the cursor in column one or in the last column you can delete multiple columns without causing a crash…

I know this is not the issue posted specifically; however, this is reproducible so I thought it may be of some value