Table cell alignment problem

On the editor screen the tables look great, some columns left aligned, some centered… However, when it compiles to Kindle, the alignment in the cells is messed up… For one on the column which should be left aligned, it looks like it is trying to indent 5 spaces just like it does in regular paragraphs. But when I click on the cell, it looks like the ruler is showing that it has no indention… Also some of the centered fields are no longer centered… Can someone check out closely the cell formating in the tables on Kindle? Thanks.

Kindle’s table display is notoriously flaky. Until they release the .kf8 format on the world, we’re kind of stuck with the shoddy table display they use. Alignment in particular is one thing I’ve noticed is hard to get right. As a consequence you see many e-books using screenshots of nicely formatting tables in the work, instead of HTML table. That could be an option if you don’t have too many of them.