Table Cells Don't Remember Applied Formating

I inserted a table with 2 columns and 10 or so rows into a Scrivener document. I selected all the rows in one column and applied the Bold formatting but when I went to actually type in the one of the cells the formatting reverted to normal text instead of bolded text.

This also applies to Underlining and Italics. Aligning text to the left, center, or right for multiple rows/columns at once reacts as expected.

I’m experiencing the same problem. When I select a new table cell the line height has been reset to 1.0 (even though I set the default line height to 1.5 for all files within my project).

I’d also like to mention that Scrivener crashed when I loaded the Table Properties using the right-click menu. It only happened once, but I’m not sure if others have been experiencing this problem as well.

(I’d also like to add a suggestion: it would be nice if Scrivener automatically added another table row when I press TAB. Using the Table menu for that takes a lot of time if you want to add multiple rows.)

Bumping this because it still applies in version 1.0.2.

This is on the list.

Naz - A faster way for adding multiple rows/columns is to open the table properties panel and then just enter the number in the appropriate field there. (Table Properties is available either through the context menu or the “Table” button in the format bar–and yes, Spitfire, I also noted your request that the button insert a table. :wink:)

Also note that you can apply the formatting to multiple cells after they contain text, which might help for now.

Hehe, you’re on top of things, MM! :slight_smile:


when this problem will be solved ?


It’s on the list and will be fixed as soon as Lee can get to it. I know that’s not really a helpful answer, but at the moment there are a few higher-priority bugs causing crashes that he’s focusing on, and although this one is annoying, it is possible at least to work around it by applying formatting after the text is entered. I hope that makes sense!