Table cells shrink after restarting Scrivener [BUG LOGGED]

Hey guys,
I found a problem with the size of table cells that doesn’t remain as inserted when Scrivener is closed. This is a bug that I could reproduce on my Win 7 (Scrivener 1.2) effortlessly.
What I did:
I inserted a table into a text file and played with it - colored some cells, inserted text of different fonts, numbers and symbols, etc. Then I closed Scrivener.
When I reopened it, the table was all messed up - the cells had shrunken to the size of their contents.
After I did this several times, I noticed that the only row that doesn’t lose it’s size formatting is the last row of the table. Remains the same size every time.
Please look at the attached screen shots of the very same table.

I know there are many other bugs that need to be fixed, and I am very thankful for all the efforts Lee is putting into Scrivener for Windows - which is an awesome piece of software by the way 8) - but I came across the table formatting issue again with beta 1.3 since some critical background information I have on my novel is in table format.
Am I the only one having this issue with inserted tables after closing and reopening Scrivener? I’d really like to see a fix for that… :frowning:

Yep, that’s an RTF bug. I have logged it. Thanks for great screen shots. Nice colors too :wink:


Thanks so much, Lee!
You’re doing a fantastic job with Scrivener for Windows, and I can barely wait for the release! I’ve tried about 50 novel writing softwares over the past few years, demos, trials, freeware, combinations of several small tools and whatnot, but I’ve never come across an application that suits ALL of my needs as perfectly as Scrivener does!
Thanks a million, I feel honored that I can contribute even a little to making Scrivener come true for Windows!