Table formatting? Bugs, I think.

So today I created a table in a document that’s not in the Manuscript section.
During the process, I indicated I wanted color fill, and set a color.
The table was created, but there was a problem.

Only the upper left cell was filled with color. To color the other cells, I had to fill them one at a time. I tried selecting the table entire, but you can’t use the table dialog if you do; it only works at the cell level. The dialog only works at the cell level; if I select more than one cell, say, the top row of cells, I cannot access the table dialog to change more than one cell’s background color at once.

Also, if I have a table of size 2x4, and I right-click in a cell and open the Table dialog, Scrivener creates a new 2x3 table below the current table. This completely removes my ability to edit the background in a table larger than 2x3.

If I select a bunch of cells to delete the columns, I can’t; the Table MENU can’t be accessed to delete them. I have to select the cells one at a fricking time to do that.

I hope this wasn’t intentional.

I had a similar issue. I had headers on a table in bold. Made all cells bold. Then had to unbold every single cell separately as I couldn’t highlight a range of cells and unbold.

I have not been able to reproduce this since. The other issues (cell by cell formatting only) are constant.