Table formatting lost

I use tables a lot. Currently I create them in Scrivener, copy them, create a new note in Scapple, and paste the table into the note. It works the same way from excel also.
Yesterday I lost some of my table formatting, by I don’t know what action, so I tried a few things today.
Table formatting is lost when:

  • changing the alignment of the note
  • in a duplicated note either by Strg+C-Strg-V or Strg+dragging
  • double-clicking into the table

EDIT: - saving and closing the file, so maybe it makes no sense to attach a scapple file. I attached a pdf also.

I have attached a file with a table copied from Scrivener and the second one from Excel and below what happend after duplicating/double-clicking them.

There has been a short thread about tables and other users who like to use tables within Scapple as well:
table.pdf (16.1 KB)
table.scap (5.84 KB)