Table Issues

A couple of issues I’ve found when using tables.

  1. The cursor is really hard to see when it’s within the left border of whatever table cell you’re working in.
  2. Any indented text in the cell becomes unindented after closing Scrivener.
  3. The table becomes unselected when changing the number of rows to 1 and you have to click within the table again to use the table window.
  4. After Scrivener crashed when I was adjusting the number of columns, I can no longer change the number of columns to below 2 by clicking the down arrow or typing in a number. It immediately crashed no matter what project is open. There is no issue when selecting a higher number of columns than 2.
  5. When typing in a cell, the font size is not the same as the one set in preferences. In my case, the text shows up as size 8 instead of the size 11 I have set. Also, after inserting a table, it seems to change the whole document to be in size 8 font. It’s fixed by manually changing the font size.