Table Legend & page break before

It’s probably me but is there a way to insert numbered legends for tables? I kind of see how you do it for images but can’t wrap my head around it for tables.

Also is there a way to keep insert a page break before a table so it isn’t split on a page boundary? Looks like the only way to do it would mess up a table of contents.

Apologies in advance if these are simple questions. I did read the manual but perhaps I’m just over thinking it … :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

I am not thinking of the method you are referring to with images, but there aren’t any native tools for that kind of thing. The main problem with stuff like this is that Scrivener isn’t a page layout tool, it doesn’t know what page a figure or table falls upon because it lacks an internal model of page layout to begin with. It can create links to things with a hard section point inserted, but in most cases you wouldn’t want to insert a section break wherever you wish to link or refer to something by its page number.

To answer the question literally: yes, use Edit/Insert/Page Break. I don’t know if I’d recommend that though. As with the other question, this is the kind of thing a first drafting writing tool can’t really address elegantly—book design and final layout. I’d even say this particular task should optimally be one of the very last things you’d be doing since you don’t want content to be changing shape after fine-tuning where each table and figure falls. Alternatively a competent layout system might handle this kind of stuff for you. I use LaTeX (which I wouldn’t recommend in general) and it does about a 99% perfect job of arranging text and objects in such a way as to reduce wasted paper and prevent awkward orphans and widows around them.

I think in both cases you’d be better off with a tool more dedicated to final production—or as I like to say, the creation of books as opposed to the creation of text that goes into books. What many people do, both on their own and as part of a professional team of people producing a book, is use placeholder codes and formatting in the writing phase, codes that will be searched for and turned into final layout by a designer (or macro that implements what a designer built, more likely) at the end.