Table Merge Cells problems in Beta 36.

Hello there,

After the Comments bug yesterday, I was working a little more in the Beta 36 and I’ve found a serious bug regarding tables and merged cells. The comments bugs is annoying but as far as I tested I was not losing data, this new bug almost erased all my data (I love Scrivener backups!).

Look at this table here. I have a 2 column table with a merged cell on top.
I’ve typed a long text inside this cell, and when I tried to break the line before the text, everything starts to behave incorrectly.

This is the normal text:

This is what happened when I did a ENTER to break the line before the text:

After the bug sometimes the application freezes and crash, also happens if I try to also break the line with ENTER in the end of the cell text, Scrivener stops functioning and automatically closes the application.
Sometimes, it’s only that and when you open Scrivener again, the table is a mess but your data is there.
Sometimes, Scrivener erase the data of the entire table and if not for backups, you lose it all.

EDIT: I have also noted right now that if you remove the merged row the table may also break and Scrivener crash.