Table of contents and chapter problems


So I have a book with Chapters (no sections), and parts in the chapter as below:

My book opens as below:

Not a TOC as set out in the compiler.

I would expect to see Chapter, then parts 1.1, 1.2 etc (not the chapters as shown).

This, again, is wrong. There are no parts. The Chapters sections - eg. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc. The above looks nothing like it.

I am clearly missing something.

Any ideas, anyone, please?



Click on Formatting. Then you can click on the different ‘levels’ and decide if you want Title or Text or both, and if there should be a word like ‘Chapter’ before your numbers (shown in the text box when you click on each level).

As for numbering, you need to read the manual on how to do that. It takes some tweaking to get it exactly as you want it, but a first and much easier way would be to organize your text very consistently throughout your manuscript, using folders which only have titles, and documents within those folders that hold the text. According to your screen shot you even need folders within the folders to hold the documents with your sub-chapter text. Experiment with this in the Binder is the easiest way to do it. Chapter 1 would be an empty folder with only a title. Chapter 1.1 would also be an empty folder with only a title, and beneath that I would have the numerous text documents making up the text for each chapter.

Well, now I am totally baffled.

I have Chapter (with just Chapter 1 Title), then sub sections (within the chapters), labelled 1.1 Title, 1.2, Title, etc, then text documents within each folder as suggested. Still a mess.

I’m finding this baffling. The manual is not too much help.

Did you ever figure this out? I have been manually doing my TOC, which is a real bear, because I’m unable to get s-ware to do correctly.

It’s not complicated.

Look at the Formating pane, not the Contents. Click on the various levels and you will see what is included and what it will look like.

It is for me. But I’m giving it another shot!
Thanks for your reply and suggestion.