Table of Contents & Chapter Headings

I want to produce a ‘boxed set’ Kindle e-book containing four books. I want a simple Table of Contents containing just the four books (I’ve achieved that using the Copy Special feature) but now I don’t have any chapter headings because I’ve had to take out the section breaks in order to keep the TOC simple.

Question: How can I get chapter headings (ie. add section breaks) into all four books while keeping the main table of contents to just those four items?

I thought the solution might be to have additional tables of contents for each of the four books but I can’t figure out how to do that as there’s only one place in which to specify the Table of Contents file. So presumably I can only have one manual TOC. Is it possible to combine a manual TOC with an automated one? If so, how? Or is it possible to forget the additional TOCs for each book and add chapter headings some other way?

Could anyone help please? Much appreciated!


Sorry I don’t have time to check out my suggestion, so this may not work at all…

Try letting Scrivener add in the page breaks as before, then creating a manual ToC using Scrivener Links to each of your books in one document in your front matter. Then in another document in the front matter folder, use the <$toc> tag.


I couldn’t manage to get two lots of TOCs (one brief & one complete at end) but instead have a workable solution of a complete TOC at end and a four-line document with Scrivener links pointing to the beginning of each book, at the beginning.

Thanks for taking the time to help out!