Table of Contents Compiles Inconsistently

I have created several complete books using Scrivener for Mac OS X. I rarely write originally within Scrivener (except perhaps last minute edits). I write in Word, or illustrate in Photoshop, then import into Scrivener.

I compile my results to DOCX. Then I save the DOCX to PDF format for hardcopy prototypes at FedEx Kinkos that I use for various purposes.

My biggest problem is getting consistently predictable results in the Table of Contents.

I select the items from the Binder that I want shown in the TOC, then Copy Special/Copy Documents as TOC. Then I select the already established Table of Contents in the Binder, place the cursor on the Editor page (or select the current contents of the page) then Paste.

I always want a TOC with full justification and … tab leaders to the page number <$p>.

Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t, especially when I add a new short story to a book of collected short stories, or a new poem to a book of poems.

There is a knack, a series of precise steps, that exist which I need to write down so I get the same results each time I redo the Table of Contents to get what I want. I’m getting really frustrated and pulling our my hair. Can anyone help?

The online Scriverer Help and Manual are silent about my problem. So is my Scrivener for Dummies with a truly useless Index.