Table of contents edit

Can you please give us the ability to edit the table of contents in Windows version?
I really need to be able to control where the TOC shows up and which items appear in the TOC.

For example creating a bundle, the TOC becomes too long if it includes a link to every chapter of 3 different novels.
Also it is much more appealing to the eye not to have the Amazon Look inside start with a long page or two of TOC links.

It’d be great to have multiple TOCs to be honest- for example at the beginning it could be a link to each book. Within each book, could be a TOC to each chapter? (if wanted)
Typically I am seeing that bundles include only a link to each book and do not have a link to each chapter.

Thanks for your consideration.

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t know if it will ever be entirely customisable, but at the least we do have some planned features to at least make the visible HTML ToC something you can more easily control.

Meanwhile, ePub is an open format and can be edited in programs like Sigil or Calibre. If you want to do a proper job of designing the ToC you’re going to need a special editor like that anyway. The HTML ToC that you can flip through is merely a list of hyperlinks from one page to another within the eBook. The real ToC defines the menu systems in e-book readers that have a “Go To” menu, it defines how far the reader is moved through the book when using “next/prev chapter” gestures, and other such things.