Table of Contents for eBooks

I’m wanting to include front matter when I compile, but I don’t want front matter included in my table of contents. I just want the chapters. Can I do that?

Hi Jon,

The best thing to do is probably to create your own table of contents rather than relying on the automatically-generated one. To do this, just create a binder document and use Scrivener links in it for the table of contents. (Make sure this document is either in the Draft folder or in the folder you are using for front matter as set in the Contents pane of Compile.) Then enter the name of this document as the “HTML table of contents title” in the Layout pane of Compile (or just name the document “Contents”, which is what is used by default).

This way, your custom table of contents document will be used instead of Scrivener auto-generating one.

Hope that helps.

All the best,