Table of Contents for Kindle (mobi)?

Can the current Windows version generate a table of contents for the Kindle with actual working links? All of the tutorials I’ve seen that make this look trivial show the Mac version which obviously has some compilation options not present in the Windows version. If so, how is it done?

I’ve only just got the software but your question is something that I wanted to know too. And as far as I can tell from making a test book and compiling it for kindle it does indeed create a contents page and automatically includes the links - by viewing the book in the kindle previewer (once compiled) I was able to click on the links on the contents page and was taken straight to the appropriate section. (As far as I can tell there used to be an option for all the html links etc in the compile section but now in the new updated version this has been streamlined.)

However, since I created the kindle book by using the tutorial pages and due to the many folders, files and branches in the binder (if you’ve gone through the tutorial you’ll know what I mean) it kinda jumbled them up a bit so it does look a bit odd on the contents page. But I don’t think this would be an issue for simple structure books - more experienced users I’m sure will correct me if I’m wrong. :smiley:

Hope that helps :slight_smile: …give it a go and test it for yourself - you’ll need to download kindlegen and the previewer aswell.

This post also might help, however some of the things he mentions have been updated like the “copy as scrivener links” part - so use it as a general guide. … indle.html