Table of Contents for pdf displaying "chapter" rather than chapter title


I am trying to create a table of contents for a paperback showing the titles I have given each part and chapter rather than ‘part one’ ‘chapter one’, chapter two’ etc,

The ToC page I have created using the ‘Edit - Copy Special - Copy Documents as ToC’ command displays the part and chapter titles exactly as I want them but when I compile to pdf the part and chapter titles convert to ‘part one’ ‘chapter one’, chapter two’ etc,

I have tried compiling with the ToC page section style set to Table of Contents and to N/A and have tried different settings in the Section Layout for the Table of Contents style but can’t get my titles to display. I have also tried the Structured Link List but the result after compile is the same.

This is what I see in Scrivener:
[attachment=1]Scrivener ToC page.png[/attachment]

And this is the pdf after compile:
[attachment=0]Scrivener pdf after compile.png[/attachment]

As you can see I have also yet to work out how I can get the page numbers on the same line as the chapter title so any hints on that would also be great.

Many thanks!

In the Compile Format editor, under “Document Title Links”, deselect “Update titles in document links…” - that will replace titles in links with whatever the compiled title is (Chapter One etc), which seems to be what you are seeing. As for keeping page numbers on the same line, you may need to alter the right indent in the ruler to be small enough for the narrow page size.

All the best,

Thank you so much for your help! It solved the problem with the chapter titles. I managed to fix the layout issue by changing the tab settings.