Table of Contents Help Needed

Table of contents frustrations. I am happy to create my own after export to Word BUT, I can’t because on compile (despite following steps in the manual) the resulting document does not export my HEADER styles as header styles. Very frustrating. My client depends on having an updated TOC each time and it’s impossible to automate without exporting header styles. There doesn’t seem to be any answers on the forum about reliably creating a ToC. Can anyone help?

I see another problem (and a reason why I can’t manually compile a ToC after export). The documents in scrivener have titles and those title are being exported without header tags, so they don’t show up as headers on export. How can I tell scrivener to export the document names as Header 2?

I’m interested in this topic also. Every answer I have found has been referring to exporting the style, but doesn’t talk about getting Scrivener to translate the heading styles into Word Heading 1 types. (My headings have the correct style format, but aren’t Heading 1 document levels in the TOC / document map.

Great work around Kruizer. I’ve bookmarked it for my next export. Thank you