Table of Contents HELP

This is for the eBook format, specifically Kindle (mobi).
Is it possible that for the table of contents to just show the folder title and not all subdocuments under it? Help. I’m pulling my hair in frustration.

Are you talking about the Scrivener generated ToC you can create by copying from the Binder? If so just collapse all folders before you select from the Binder, or on Scrivener for Windows hold CTRL down while you select/unselect items from the Binder before copying as ToC.

If you mean the compiled mobi file it’s probably because of page breaks in your manuscript which trigger a new page on the Kindle and which thus need some type of title in the Kindle ToC. You could export as ePub and edit the toc.ncx file to remove what you don’t want. I’m not sure if that breaks anything but it seems to work fine in Kindle Previewer after it converts the ePub file to mobi.