Table of Contents Issue

I have followed the instructions in the Scrivener Manual for creating a Table of Contents. It works GREAT! :smiley: Except :neutral_face: . . . When I compile, 3 items in my Table of Contents appear with page numbers beside the Subchapter titles instead of preceded by a line of dots and on the right margin as they do with all the other Subchapter titles.

The problem is visible in the markup. For each of these 3 items, the markup arrow indicating the desired depth overlaps the code for inserting the page number. In other words, it protrudes into this code <$p> which seems to make it inoperative. I canโ€™t figure out what is causing this and why it is happening for only 3 items.

Iโ€™ve tried a number of things, such as redoing the entire ToC from scratch (several times) and deleting these chapters and reinserting them. (This is a book of poetry so chapters are actually poems).

Hope I have explained this clearly and someone can help. This is all that remains to be done to finalize this manuscript.

The page numbers are just separated from the title by a tab character, so it sounds like you just need to adjust the tab stop for those lines; perhaps the length of the title threw it off. In your TOC document, toggle the ruler on via Cmd-R (Format > Show Ruler) if you donโ€™t see it, then click into the line you need to edit and drag the tab stop (the triangle pointing to the left) to where you want it in the ruler. You can also use the Format > Text > Copy Ruler and Paste Ruler commands to apply the settings to the other lines if that works for you.

Thank you so much, Jennifer. These instructions worked. And you were correct in guessing the lengths of the titles threw the ruler off. They were all short titles.

I have one remaining problem. In all three cases, the page number is occurring one space out of line with the other page numbers. In the markup in the Scrivener Editor, the tab arrow is in a different place than for other lines even though I drug it as far as possible on the ruler.

I may decide to live with this, but of course, Iโ€™d like not to. Do you have any further suggestions.

In any case, you stopped the hair pulling in this house, so thanks again!!