Table Of Contents Mixing with Chapters Issue


In my table of contents, some of the Chapter names mix with the Page Letter despite them being set up correctly in the actual document, with …


They appear like this


Do you guys know what is causing this?
Thank you!

It’s probably a tab location issue. The numbers should appear at a right tab, not a left tab. That happens automatically if you create the TOC properly.

Oh yeah, what is a page letter?

Sorry, I meant page number. Brain dumped out haha!

I did set up my TOC correctly however, I copied all the manuscript documents as TOC and pasted them and that was my result.

If it is a tab error, how do I fix that?

Here’s a video:

creating (or editing) a table of contents

If that doesn’t help, we could solve it in a 10 minute Zoom session:

Zoom me

Can we do a zoom? When are you available?

Hours are at the link, but it’s usually noon to five and ten PM to midnight Central US time. I can do it now, if you’re available. Easiest contact for me and quickest to notice at my end is Facebook messenger/chat, but email and forum messaging also work.

I am available currently! How do I get your link?

Message me and I’ll send it. It should move off this thread.

Just messaged you! Thank you again

@Dinok0618’s problem with the ToC wasn’t solved by anything I did — and I know it should have worked. He should open support ticket.

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